2016 Policies

PUMP is committed to hosting an event that raises money for important Pittsburgh nonprofits while providing a fun, respectful, healthy, and safe environment for all Kickball for a Cause participants. We encourage every participant to carefully read the following rules and policies as they are designed to help maintain and fun and safe environment.

Alcohol Policy:
  • Participants will not be permitted to bring any outside alcohol onto the Kickball for a Cause grounds
  • Participants must present a valid government-issued ID to receive a wristband

During the event: 

  • Participants must be at least 21 years old to be served and consume alcohol
  • Only participants with wristbands and wearing a 2016 Kickball for a Cause shirt may drink alcohol
  • Alcohol is only permitted in designated areas
  • Participants are not permitted to drink alcohol at fields during game play
  • Designated bartenders will start serving beer at 10:30 AM
  • A maximum of two beers per participant will be served at a time
  • Participants who show visible signs of intoxication will not be served and will be removed from the tournament

Disciplinary Action: 

Any Kickball for a Cause participant, or guest, who violates PUMP’s alcohol policy will be subject to the following actions:

  • First Offense: participant will be asked to turn-over outside alcohol to PUMP staff immediately
  • Second Offense: participant will be removed from tournament


All bartenders, PUMP staff, and event volunteers have the ability to enforce alcohol rules and disciplinary action

Public Awareness: 

  • Policy is to be posted on event listing, webpage, and tournament page
  • Policy will be included in follow-up communications to registered players
  • Alcohol policy is to be presented to team captains during August 4th meeting
  • Captains will be asked to sign a form acknowledging they’ve reviewed the policy and will share with teammates
  • Alcohol policy will be posted at event bar and throughout the grounds

PUMP reserves the right to skip any of the above outlined steps or apply disciplinary measures to additional team members if the nature of the offense warrants such action. PUMP also reserves the right to ban offending participants and teammates from future Kickball for a Cause tournaments.

T-shirt Policy:
 All tournament participants must wear the official 2016 Kickball for a Cause t-shirts provided by PUMP staff while on the tournament grounds. Participants wearing alternative t-shirts will be required to change into the appropriate shirt in order to play and enjoy the tournament festivities. 
Sponsor Policy:
Other than official Kickball for a Cause tournament sponsors, no outside signage, sponsor marks, or logos are permitted on the tournament grounds. If appropriate, you are welcome to create a team name that highlights an alternative sponsor. 
Cancellation Policy:
Registering as a team captain means you have a team that is committed to playing in and paying for Kickball for a Cause. We understand that sometimes things come up, so if you need to cancel your registration you must let us know by Friday, July 15th. Once July 15th has passed, you are financially responsible for paying entire team fee for the tournament, the same as if you were playing. If you need help finding individuals PSL Staff will be happy to assist you. The only way to cancel a registration is to email PSL Staff.   Any cancellations prior to Friday, July 15th will not be responsible for any portion of the team tournament fee.