2017 Alcohol Policy

PUMP is committed to ensuring an environment that is respectful, healthy, and safe for all Kickball for a Cause participants. The responsible management of alcohol during the event is a key component of achieving this goal. Therefore, we encourage every participant to carefully read the following alcohol rules and policies as they are designed to help maintain and fun and safe environment.


During the event: 

Disciplinary Action: 

Any Kickball for a Cause participant, or guest, who violates PUMP’s alcohol policy will be subject to the following actions:


All bartenders, PUMP staff, and event volunteers have the ability to enforce alcohol rules and disciplinary action

Public Awareness: 

PUMP reserves the right to skip any of the above outlined steps or apply disciplinary measures to additional team members if the nature of the offense warrants such action. PUMP also reserves the right to ban offending participants and teammates from future Kickball for a Cause tournaments.