How do you want to impact Pittsburgh?
I came to Pittsburgh sight unseen and fell in love with the city and it’s people. I hope to do my part to make my adopted hometown a place where everyone no matter what has access to opportunities to succeed in life. This city is an amazingly weird, wonderful, and kind and I want to help keep it that way while also doing my small part to help Pittsburgh continue to evolve into a more equitable and inclusive place.

What is your favorite part of Pittsburgh?
This whole city has so many surprises and quirks. My favorite place is constantly changing- whenever I get bored I find myself wandering aimlessly. I have a great 11 mile loop that I’ve done a few times and it’s so cool to see how things have changed. That being said- The Great Allegheny Passage is always a wonderful train to run!

Joel Garceau

Program Coordinator
TRI-COG Land Bank / Steel Rivers Council of Governments