How do you want to impact Pittsburgh?
I want it to be said that I, my generation, and broader contemporaries refused to settle in our quest to positively impact Pittsburgh and to leave an improved city and region to future generations. I would see Pittsburgh justly considered as a model city, an inspirational story, and a beautiful community not because of its perfection, but because of its willingness to grow, to improve, and to change. When my small portion of the Pittsburgh story is complete, I hope that a few more people believed in civic engagement and our capacity to take our destiny into our own hands on the local, state, national, and international stage.

What is your favorite part of Pittsburgh?
As one who was born here, moved around quite a lot growing up, and is now working in the city while considering the notion of roots, my favorite part of Pittsburgh is the wonderful people I have met in my journey. They give me hope and provide excellent ways to further explore this endlessly fascinating and special place.

Josiah Gilliam
PUMP Board Vice Chair

Director - My Brother's Keeper
City of Pittsburgh / Allegheny Co.