How do you want to impact Pittsburgh?
Through my work, I want to ensure that all of Pittsburgh’s children have access to high quality learning experiences in and outside of school so that they have the tools necessary to discover their passions and are set on a trajectory to a fulfilling and successful future. I am also a first generation college graduate, and I firmly believe that we need to support greater equity and access to higher education for students in poverty. I founded the First Gen Fund Scholarship to help lift barriers to college success for first generation college students in Pittsburgh. I want Pittsburgh to be a city where all young people have the support needed to discover and follow their dreams!

What is your favorite part of Pittsburgh?
I love that in Pittsburgh, if you want to be in the city you are in the city and can access all that the urban environment has to offer but if you want to enjoy the outdoors there are lots of great places to go explore in the city, or within driving distance for great day or long weekend trips!

Kathryn Vargas

City of Pittsburgh Dept. of Parks and Recreation