How do you want to impact Pittsburgh?
Pittsburgh has an incredibly talented and diverse population of aspiring young professionals in our universities and high schools. However, retaining this diverse young talent is something the city has struggled with. I want to work together with organizations and proponents of change, such as PUMP and this board, to build a virtual pipeline to bridge this gap. I would like to be a pioneer of change in this city by highlighting the importance of connecting diverse young talent in educational institutions to our city’s workforce. In doing so, I hope to be at the forefront of developing Pittsburgh into the thriving city I envision it to become.

What is your favorite part of Pittsburgh?
I love how the city is comprised of different neighborhoods, each with their own atmosphere. It helps keep the city unique and engaging and it’s always a great time exploring places to eat around town!

Rohil Chada

Solutions Engineering Analyst
Deloitte Consulting