How do you want to impact Pittsburgh?
Pittsburgh’s recent growth and development is providing opportunities that attract people from all over the world. Our city has been fortunate to acquire diverse talent and open our communities to new advancement and ways of life. With successful development comes a responsibility to uplift the people who call Pittsburgh home. As a native Pittsburgher, I have witnessed how our neighborhoods have been disproportionately impacted by our growth – especially vulnerable neighborhoods and peoples. Seeing the revitalization of Pittsburgh has inspired me to help bring communities together through education and empowerment. By sharing our knowledge and tools with one another, we help create a sense of community that leads all of us to play a pivotal role in creating the spaces that we work, play, and form lasting memories in.

What is your favorite part of Pittsburgh?
Pittsburgh has character. Our hardworking roots are still present today and are highlighted through the underlying grit in our neighborhoods. The transformations born out of our resilience appear to change the landscape of our city while incorporating elements of our history. I love that I can now ride my bike or grab a drink at old industrial sites. The same places that helped build our city and create the legacy of Pittsburgh still serve a purpose today to the people who reside here – while strengthening our reconnection to each other and nature.

Talia O’Brien

Neighborhood Business District Program Analyst
Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh