A History of Housing in Pittsburgh

Cheryl Stephens Advocacy, Diverse + Connected Region

During this past mayoral election, the candidates have voiced their perspectives on a long list of topics important to city residents. One issue that continues to be on the minds of Pittsburghers after the ballots have been cast is the concept of affordable housing.  Pittsburgh’s contemporary housing terrain has not always looked the way it does today. Neighborhoods have been shaped by the strategic planning of local government and developers, which resulted in the communities we live in now. It is important to understand that the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh are not the result of unpredictable circumstances, but systemic steps that generated homogeneous enclaves of wealth in some areas and isolating poverty in others. Public Source has laid out a timeline that documents the policies that dismantled and built our contemporary challenges to find affordable and more equitable living environments.  


Discover the timeline of Pittsburgh’s historic housing projects here.