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PUMP is a membership organization that has been serving the Pittsburgh region’s young people for more than 20 years. Our mission is to make Pittsburgh the most dynamic and diverse place by engaging, educating, and mobilizing all young people to create change in our community.

Always refer to the organization as PUMP

Use the full name, Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project, only when discussing the history and heritage of the organization in the region.

Refer to the area served by PUMP as “the Pittsburgh region”

PUMP is not limited to just Pittsburgh proper, so referring to the PUMP footprint as “the Pittsburgh region” will help residents throughout the area feel more included, and to help everybody understand that PUMP is interested in connecting with people and communities outside of the city limits.

PUMP Fact Sheet: What We Do

Longstanding Commitment to Advocacy and Public Policy

PUMP has been involved with regional advocacy initiatives since 1998, and we have been encouraging young professionals to participate in local policy by hosting interest forums and political debates, including county executive and mayoral debates, forums on transportation and public smoking, healthcare, and energy policy. Our work in advocacy and public policy takes PUMP beyond an organization serving young adults in the region through social connection. Our advocacy priorities include supporting a vibrant, diverse, connected community; equitable opportunities for success; equitable access to health and wellness; and active and engaged residents.

Extensive Engagement Opportunities

PUMP hosted the first-ever statewide conference of young people back in 2002, and we now host between 30 and 40 civic, social, and educational events annually.

Relationship Network with Other Organizations

PUMP has partnered in the past with many organizations, including Urban League Young Professionals of Greater Pittsburgh, Global Switchboard, Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, All for All, Bike Pittsburgh, Vibrant Pittsburgh, A+ Schools, and more.

Deep Roots in Working with Young People

For over 20 years, PUMP has been at the forefront of bringing together a diverse coalition of young people and community partners committed to change. Today, we have a membership of more than 10,000 and we reach over 20,000 young people annually.

Connected Alumni Network

A number of local politicians, community advocates, and business leaders are PUMP alumni, and we have strong relationships with local and regional politicians on all sides of the aisle, as evidenced through our forums, debates, and ongoing dialogue.


PUMP has been working with young people in Pittsburgh since 1995 thanks to founders Michelle Fanzo and Adam Pollock. From the very start, PUMP has hosted local interest forums, including political debates for mayor and county executive, forums on transportation, healthcare, city-county consolidation, energy policy, and more. Many people don’t know that PUMP originally stood for Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project. When we began, our mission was to help encourage young and talented people, both those who had lived here all their lives and those who were new to the region, to stay here. On some measures, Pittsburgh has made significant progress since that time as more and more young people choose to come or remain here. Yet, for all of the well-earned and deserved accolades attributed to Pittsburgh’s latest renaissance, we are keenly aware of the fact that the benefits are not enjoyed equally by all. The work of PUMP is no less important today than it was at our founding. We now focus our renewed advocacy efforts on fostering equity in the region and helping a diverse group of young people get connected to one another. We seek to build a Pittsburgh for ALL.

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