PUMPed to Run (PtR) is a weekday running and walking group composed of residents of local homeless shelters and volunteer mentor runners. Through the leadership of PUMP staff and an Advisory Council, the PUMPed to Run program encourages sportsmanship and an organic positive mentality to help our shelter participants set physical running or walking goals, promote confidence, and encourage self-sufficiency. We aim to ensure that everyone has access and resources to be healthy and confident.

Get Involved in PUMPed to Run:

  1. Run or walk! You can register to be a runner or walker with PUMPed to Run. As a volunteer we expect an encouraging attitude, a commitment to attending the runs, and an excitement to being there to get to know the participants. Runs generally take place at 6:00 am or 5:30 pm – depending on the location. All participants and volunteers must sign a waiver.
  2. Donate running gear! We are currently not taking donations – please check back in the spring.
  3. Financial support! We are grateful for any support you can give the PUMPed to Run program. Your donations will help purchase running shoes, running clothes, race bibs, and an occasional morning coffee or treat.

PUMPed to Run 5k!

Our PUMPed to Run 5k is back again in 2023 and will be held on Sunday, August 20th at Millvale Riverside Park Pavillion beginning at 8am.


Be Active with PtR!



We know that new mentors are often nervous so check out our FAQ so you know what to expect before you arrive!

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Running Log

We track every run, mile, and minute we spend together! Lead mentors can submit their daily stats here!

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Learn more about Volunteering!

Our mentors are the glue that hold our program together. Learn more about mentoring through our Guide Book.

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PUMPed to Run Infographic of Program Statistics

All are welcome at PUMPed to Run

PUMPed to Run stands united behind the principles of respect, inclusion, and acceptance. We welcome and are committed to providing a fun and safe environment for all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, color, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability, veteran status or national origins.

Runner Bill of Rights

As a participant in the running community, I acknowledge that I and all others are entitled to:

  1. The freedom to be my true and whole self without having to compromise or hide my identity to participate
  2. The opportunity to run in public spaces free from physical, emotional, verbal abuse or violence
  3. The ability to lead my own health and wellness journey- free from comparison, norms and/or societal expectations
  4. A community that supports, empathizes, nurtures and celebrates me
  5. Reasonable accommodations that support my ability to fully participate

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Thank you to our PUMPed to Run 2021 Advisory Board Members

  1. Sandy Alven
  2. Colleen Cadman
  3. Jaime Filipek
  4. Amanda Hardt
  5. Anna Holmquist
  6. Ian Hurley
  7. Derrick Shoffner
  8. Ilana Soloman
  9. Jeremy Starr
  10. Anisha Venkatesh

Contact us to learn more about serving on our Advisory Team!

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