PUMP’s mission is to make Pittsburgh the most dynamic and diverse place by engaging, educating, and mobilizing all young people to create change in our community. Each year, we serve nearly 30,000 individuals, primarily under the age of 40, through our programming.

What We Do Together

Rally in DC

Advocate for Change

PUMP engages young people around advocacy and public policy issues that are important to the future of our City and matter to those we serve. We are about leveraging our collective voice for change.

Build and Diversify Our Networks

PUMP is a home for building and diversifying networks through the Pittsburgh Sports League (PSL) and dozens of annual events and service experiences.

Serve Our Community

PUMP provides opportunities to directly serve our communities through events, initiatives, service projects, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities.

Mayoral Forum (1)

Connect with Leaders and Opportunities

PUMP provides pathways to dialogue with elected officials, policymakers, and community leaders and connect with leadership opportunities to make an impact across a wide spectrum of issues.

Collaborate and Partner for Impact

PUMP builds important collaborations and partnerships in all that we do to leverage resources and maximize impact.


Share Ideas and Resources

PUMP connects young people who want to make a difference with information, nonprofits, businesses, community leaders, and opportunities to create change.

PUMP Through the Years


PUMP has been working with young people in Pittsburgh since 1995. Starting in 2003, we began holding local interest forums, including political debates for mayor and county executive, forums on transportation, healthcare, city-county consolidation, energy policy, and more. Many people don’t know that PUMP originally stood for Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project. When we began, our mission was to help encourage young and talented people, both those who had lived here all their lives and those who were new to the region, to stay here. On some measures, Pittsburgh has made significant progress since that time as more and more young people choose to come or remain here. Yet, for all of the well earned and deserved accolades attributed to Pittsburgh’s latest renaissance, we are keenly aware of the fact that the benefits are not enjoyed equally by all. The work of PUMP is no less important today than it was at our founding. We now focus our renewed advocacy efforts on fostering equity in the region and helping a diverse group of young people get connected to one another. We seek to build a Pittsburgh for ALL. Read more about our history here