At its heart, this agenda is PUMP’s blueprint for equity in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

PUMP defines “equity” as fair access, treatment and rights under the law and within society as a whole. Consistent with our vision and core values, PUMP’s commitment to equity is ever present within and across all the issues included in PUMP’s advocacy and public policy agenda.

This dynamic agenda was initially developed with PUMP members, program partners, board members, staff, and key stakeholders to ensure that as many viewpoints as possible were included. This is our community’s vision for change.

Diverse + Connected Region

PUMP supports a vibrant, diverse, and connected region through:
  1. Visibility, recognition, and representation of positive diverse individuals, cultures, and values in leadership and positions of power.
  2. Diverse, inclusive, affordable neighborhoods and communities.
  3. World-class, multi-modal transportation infrastructure that supports and fosters community and regional connectivity.
  4. Spaces and opportunities for all residents to engage in dialogue and action to address diversity, inclusion, social justice and racism.
  5. Protection and support for immigrants, refugees, formerly incarcerated individuals, and other vulnerable populations.
  6. Affordable accessible high-speed internet and leading-edge technology for all.

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Equitable Opportunities for Success

PUMP supports equitable opportunities for success through:
  1. Access to affordable, high-quality education and workforce development opportunities for all children and adults.
  2. Equitable access to individual, community, and financial support for education, employment, and entrepreneurship.
  3. A competitive business environment that fosters job creation and innovation by employers that support equitable opportunities and good paying jobs.

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Active + Engaged Residents

PUMP supports active, engaged residents through:
  1. Policies, programs, and initiatives that help voters become more engaged and knowledgeable.
  2. Opportunities to engage with elected officials and influence public policy.
  3. Equitable legislative districts that fairly represent all voting populations.

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Equitable Access to Health + Wellness

PUMP supports equitable access to health and wellness through:
  1. Affordable, high quality, comprehensive healthcare options for all.
  2. Accessible, safe recreational spaces and activities in every neighborhood.
  3. Access to affordable, healthy food in every neighborhood.
  4. Clean air and water for all including green infrastructure and sustainable practices.

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PUMP’s Advocacy + Public Policy Agenda was created in 2017 from an extensive community planning process to identify the core issues young Pittsburghers believe are important to our future and to find out how PUMP constituents want to get involved to create change.
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We designed a multi-phase and deliberative process to ensure that as many viewpoints as possible were heard and represented. We began with a survey of our constituents to identify the topics of most interest to young Pittsburghers. From there, a committee narrowed these topics to a list of key issues. Next, hundreds of individuals participated through in-person and online activities that helped to refine the specific areas of interest and determine the positions of our constituents.

Since the implementation of our Advocacy + Public Policy Agenda, we have used our many years of experience in making Pittsburgh the best place for everyone to live, work, and play and leveraged that energy to engage young people to take actions to collectively improve equity in the Pittsburgh region.

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