PUMP supports voting rights policies, programs, and initiatives that empower and ensure that all residents are able to cast their ballot in every election. Active and engaged residents drive equitable change in our region.
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Ballot PA – Repeal Closed Primaries

Ballot PA is a coalition of organizations committed to open and free elections in Pennsylvania that lead to responsive and accountable government. In Pennsylvania, the fastest-growing segment of voters is the nearly 1.1 million voters registered as unaffiliated with a political party or Independent. Because of PA’s closed primaries based on party affiliation, these voters are prevented from participating in the local, state, and federal primaries that are likely the most important elections in their communities.

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Pro-Voter Agenda

In partnership with All Voting is Local, PUMP supports a pro-voter agenda to improve election infrastructure and policies, protect voting rights, and make voting more accessible in Allegheny County. This includes accessible ballot drop boxes, expanded early voting, providing voting materials in more languages, funding to protect the freedom to vote, and more.

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Voter Education and Engagement

PUMP helps activate voters through voter education, voter registration, candidate forums, and more:

  • We publish comprehensive voter guides for every major election.
  • In 2019 and 2021, we were part of the Vote School Board First! Pittsburgh coalition. Led by A+ Schools this coalition focuses on the Pittsburgh School Board elections and educates the public about the role of the School Board.
  • We have hosted a Mayoral primary debate for Pittsburgh in every Mayoral election since 1996.

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