We know through our work that there are numerous issues where sports and advocacy overlap, especially regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that sports provide empowering and confidence-building opportunities for people to meet, socialize, and create change and that these opportunities should be available to ALL.

Transgender Inclusion in Sports

PUMP supports transgender, intersex, and nonbinary player participation and inclusion within recreational, interscholastic, college, amateur, and professional sports in Pennsylvania, locally, and nationally. In doing do, we partner as an ally with leading advocacy groups to educate our network and mobilize inclusion efforts throughout Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. PUMP opposes House Bill 972 & Senate Bill 1191 and is working to defeat these bills through grassroots / direct lobbying and sharing accurate educational information with the public.

Contact your State Senator HERE and urge them to ensure trans youth have the right to participate in sports consistent with who they are.

Inclusive Gender Policies

In the PSL, we have modernized our Gender Rules to ensure all players can participate as their authentic selves. The PSL also leads Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion seminars and initiatives within the Sport and Social Industry Association (SSIA) to help grow our industry together. We are working towards a unified national sports gender vocabulary in the social sports industry as a means of promoting inclusion and to help ensure fair participation for all players in North America.

Western PA Running Coalition

Both our PUMPed to Run group and the PSL Running Club serve on Western PA’s Running Coalition to ensure equity and inclusion are a part of the running community in our region. The Coalition’s vision is a working group focused on authentically and intentionally building and fostering inclusive environments, bridging the gap between communities and the sport of running, and shaping the future of running in Western PA. In addition to participating in DEI trainings ourselves, we have adopted a Runner’s Bill of Rights and are working on eliminating barriers to running using collaborative group efforts.

PSL Service Projects

The PSL plays sports on different fields in different neighborhoods all throughout the City. Since we have such a high footprint at fields, we spend intentional time each year partnering with community groups and volunteering our time to give back to the neighborhoods in which PSL plays.

To date in 2022, we have collected 70+ bags of trash, activated 45 volunteers, and served with 5 different community groups throughout two city parks.

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Advocacy Events

Contact your State Senator and urge them to ensure trans youth have the right to participate in sports consistent with who they are.