Allegheny County Needs a Pro-Voter Agenda

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PUMP has joined All Voting is Local to advocate for voting rights here in Allegheny County. We believe that your voice should be heard on every Election Day. That’s why we’ve joined this coalition to advocate for a pro-voter agenda in Allegheny County. We are asking the Allegheny County Board of Elections to adopt proactive policies to ensure that the right to vote is protected and secured for everyone.

The pro-voter agenda includes:

  1. Purchasing and equitably distributing secure ballot drop boxes in outdoor locations with 24-hour access.
  2. Creating and using multiple permanent early voting sites with weekend and evening hours and voter registration options.
  3. Fully staffing polling places with trained election workers at least two weeks before every election.
  4. Providing widely accessible language access materials in all polling places and early voting sites.
  5. Mailing election information about drop box locations, polling places, and early voting sites to all voters.
  6. Establishing a permanent public election board meeting schedule that meets at least twice per quarter.
  7. Continuing to advocate for increased resources from state and county officials to fund elections and meet the needs of voters.

Read the full letter submitted to the Board of Elections and signed by dozens, including PUMP here.

Join us in making sure that your voice and your vote are protected by signing onto the petition here.