Get to know our December PSL Staff Member of the Month!

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Each month we take the time to get to know one of our PSL officials better. This is a great way to know the person who dedicates their free time to umpiring or refereeing your games. This month we are changing things up and letting you get to know a PSL Staff Member!

Our December PSL Staff Member of the Month is Greg! Get to know Greg better and be sure to say hi to him next time you see him!

How long have you been with PUMP and the PSL? I was hired as the PSL Assistant Director in June of 2010.

Which sport(s) have you officiated? I think I got almost all of them! My first ever sport I officiated was outdoor dek hockey. Since then, I have officiated broomball, basketball (scorekeeper), flag football, kickball, softball, and volleyball.

What is your favorite PSL memory? This is a tough one to answer as I have seen so much in my time with the PSL. My favorite memory playing in the PSL is when I was part of a summer softball team, Urine Trouble, playing at Overbrook field. We lost every game in the regular season then struck lightening in a bottle to win the championship as the 7th seed. My favorite non playing memory is an ongoing one. Whenever I am out either at a PUMP event, a PSL game or tournament and players offer their thanks and appreciation for the work that we do to provide a benefit for City of Pittsburgh and its constituents always puts a smile on my face and keeps me motivated to continue our work.

What do you do for a living? In this job, there are two questions I get most often; You do this full time? and Wait, you still work there? In my early years at PSL, I was always out and about and easily recognizable. As the leagues have grown, I have been able to hire three amazing staff members (Ky in 2012, Jaime in 2013, and James in 2016) to work with me and further the mission of PUMP as well as improve the overall experience in the PSL. Now most days, you can find me behind a computer working on everything from budgets to sponsorships while supporting staff on all things related to the PSL.

Why did you decide to apply for a job with PUMP and the PSL? With a degree in Sport Management, I have always been involved with running and organizing sports. I started an outdoor basketball league in my hometown of Munhall as part of an internship in college. After graduating, I worked at BladeRunners Ice Rink in Bethel Park as the Manager before taking a job at the Pittsburgh Athletic Association (PAA) in Oakland as the Athletics Director. From there I had a stint on the unemployment line before interviewing for the open position of Assistant Director of the PSL. While I was at the PAA, the PSL would rent gym space off me for their basketball leagues. My connection with the organization started there.

Anything you’d like to share about yourself with the PSL community? Obviously, I am a sports fanatic with the exception of soccer (sorry, I can’t get into it). If it’s on TV, I will watch it. If it has a fantasy league, I will play in it. I’ve since retired my softball spikes, but I actively participate in a bowling league on Tuesdays and will golf as much as I can throughout the year. Other than that, I have a wife and two kids, 5 and 4 years old, that keep me plenty busy – in a good way!

Finally, I am grateful to all of you, both new and returning players, for your involvement in our organization. Without you, I wouldn’t have what I consider the best job in the world!