Get to know our PSL Official of the Month!

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Each month we take the time to get to know one of our PSL officials better. This is a great way to know the person who dedicates their free time to umpiring or refereeing your games.

Our March PSL Official of the Month is Adam! Get to know Adam better and be sure to say hi to him next time you see him!

How long have you been officiating in PSL?: Ky is going to have to check when I started to be official but I would think at least ten years…

Which sport(s) do you officiate?: Softball, Winter Dodgeball, and the occasional kickball game. K4AC is one of my favorite events all year.

What is your favorite PSL officiating memory?: I have umpired during two marriage proposals which is always a ton of fun. Then I officiated the wedding of one of the couples! I also really love calling John Palko’s high pitches that are over the 12 foot arc.

What do you do for a living?: I work in Corporate Relations for the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University. I am also a PIAA Wrestling Official during the winter months.

Why did you decide to officiate with the PSL?: I used to be a PIAA baseball umpire but the parents were miserable, so PSL provided the opportunity to do something I genuinely enjoy doing without the level of headache.

Anything you’d like to share about yourself with the PSL community?: I’ve done so many leagues and have met so many great people who have become dear friends over the years. I love seeing people out and them telling me they enjoyed having me as their official; I try to put a lot of energy into being in the right place to make the right call because yinz deserve that. That said, stop arguing the infield fly rule with me. I promise I know how it works.