Green Infrastructure: Beauty is Power

Cheryl Stephens General

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the City of Pittsburgh’s Green First are taking steps to cultivating creative and environmentally safe ways to displace substantial storm water flow. 


The installations play a critical role in protecting communities, particularly low-lying areas, by reducing the overflow of sewage materials into our rivers. Many green infrastructure projects around the city operate incognito and you may have not even realized their dual purpose. Schenley Plaza is one great example. If you have ever laid out on a warm summer’s day in Schenley Plaza to soak up the sun or listen to a concert, right beneath your feet was green infrastructure at work. Underneath the green grass are layers of heavy absorption soils to soak in the rain and complex drainage channels, a big improvement from the former paved parking lot it replaced. Local neighborhoods gain many benefits in addition to protection during heavy rainstorms. Green infrastructure increases the value and aesthetic beauty of a neighborhood without intruding on wildlife habitats. Read more about the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and find out where to spot green infrastructure near you.