Pittsburghers for Public Transit Releases Riders’ Vision for Public Transit

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Pittsburgher’s for Public Transit (PPT), a grassroots organization of riders, drivers, and advocates working to defend and expand public transit, released The Riders’ Vision for Public Transit in late June, 2018.

The document lays out a vision for the future of public transit in the Pittsburgh area, beginning with the belief that “Transit is a human right and a civil right.” PPT advocates for “long-term efforts to secure full and equitable funding and genuinely democratic planning to ensure” that our public transit system can expand routes, increase frequency, and have longer service hours in order to serve a growing ridership.

The Vision outlines four key planks: Transit as A Roadmap for Economic Opportunity, A Foundation for Equity, A Solution for Air Quality and Climate Change, and A Vital Link for Quality, Affordable Housing. Each of these planks is connected to specific recommendations, including more access to CONNECT cards and policies that  “mandate affordable housing be built near good existing transit,” to ensure that everyone has access to reliable public transit.

Learn more, read the full Riders’ Vision for Public Transit, and get involved here.