Pittsburgh’s Climate Action Plan 3.0

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The public comment period for Pittsburgh’s Climate Action Plan 3.0 has been extended!


The City of Pittsburgh has extended the public comment period for the third version of the City’s Climate Action Plan. The plan will be discussed by the Planning Commission on October 10, 2017, when they will give their recommendation to Pittsburgh City Council. After City Council receives the recommendation, the plan will go through the legislative process: Council will introduce the plan as a resolution and have the option to host public hearings and educational sessions, convene a preliminary vote, and host a final vote. Throughout the entire process, the public comment period will continue and the city encourages citizens to continue to send their input to climate@pittsburghpa.gov.


The Climate Action Plan 3.0 emphasizes that “The City of Pittsburgh has long recognized that extensive efforts must be made in order to mitigate the effects of climate change on both local and global communities.” Because of this, “The Climate Action Plan 3.0 takes a new approach toward climate-change mitigation.”


OnePGH broke down the major goals of the climate action plan:




OnePGH’s full summary of the plan can be found here.


Be sure to check out the full Climate Action Plan draft here and provide comments and feedback about this ambitious plan toclimate@pittsburghpa.gov.