PUMP joins Ballot PA coalition to repeal closed primaries!

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As part of PUMP’s official advocacy and public policy agenda, PUMP supports active and engaged citizens through policies, programs, and initiatives that help voters become more engaged and knowledgeable.  To that end, PUMP has a long history of supporting efforts to ensure that all voters can make their voices heard on election day – for ALL elections.

Unfortunately, it is also true that approximately 1.2 million registered voters in Pennsylvania cannot cast a vote in primary elections due to PA’s closed primary system which precludes all unaffiliated, independent, and minor party voters from voting in primaries.  In fact, our state is one of only nine remaining states in the whole country with closed primaries.  And, importantly, the impact a closed primary system has on young voters is particularly extreme given that approximately 50% of all registered voters between 25-40 years old do not associate with any political party.*  For these reasons (and a few more), we must change – finally – this system and open up the primaries to all who wish to cast a vote on primary election day.  It’s good for our democracy and it’s even good for the major parties.

To make this happen, we are pleased to announce today that we have joined the Ballot PA Repeal Closed Primaries coalition and initiative.  In doing so, we will be working collaboratively with partners across the state to advance legislation in Harrisburg that would – if passed – open up the primaries to all unaffiliated voters in PA.

Learn about Ballot PA Repeal Closed Primaries HERE

We need your HELP!  Actions you can take TODAY!
  1. Sign the petition to repeal closed primaries HERE
  2. Sign up for campaign updates HERE

In the coming weeks and months, we will keep you updated on key developments, calls to action, and milestones we achieve.  As with all of our public policy efforts, PUMP will fight all the way through to the finish.

Join us in this effort!

*Source: Pew Research Center