Rep. Metcalfe Amends PA House Bill 722, Undermining Anti-Gerrymandering Legislation

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UPDATE 6/15/18: Please see our latest statement on redistricting reform efforts in Pennsylvania for the most recent information and our current position on redistricting legislation.

Yesterday, Representative Metcalfe (R – 12th Legislative District) added an amendment to House Bill 722, the legislation endorsed by PUMP to create an independent citizens redistricting commission to end partisan gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.

Rep. Metcalfe’s amendment gutted the bill, which had 110 co-sponsors in the state legislature.

What can you do?
  1. Read Committee of Seventy’s statement on the amendment here.
  2. Stand with Fair Districts PA​ and tell your representatives that you want an independent citizens’ commission to draw the maps in 2020 (find your representative). #FixHB722
  3. Join PUMP and other organizations and people around the state on Monday, 4/16, in Harrisburg for Fair Districts PA’s Rally to End Gerrymandering.
  4. Despite the unfortunate changes to House Bill 722, its counterpart, PA Senate Bill 22, remains intact. Senate Bill 22 would also establish an independent citizens’ redistricting commission. There is an upcoming Senate State Government Committee hearing on SB 22 on April 24, 2018. Attend the hearing if you can and/or call your PA senators and tell them you support SB 22.