Support for the Community During COVID-19: Ways to Give Back + Get Help

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For a lot of people in our community, the disruptions we are experiencing because of COVID-19 are more than inconveniences. Many people are especially vulnerable right now, including people without paid sick leave or without the option to work from home, people who are low-income, people who are food insecure, people who are older or who have weakened immune systems, people who are unsafe in their homes, and more. The Pittsburgh community is rallying to offer immediate support for those who need it most.

We have compiled many of the resources that are available and ways to give back below. We hope this will help you find the support you may need during this time and find ways to give back to your community.

Make a donation:

Where to access meals:

Other support services available + ways to help:

Mental health resources:

Support local businesses:

Ways to take action and stay engaged:

Check out our other COVID-19 resources: