Support the Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act

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Pennsylvania’s redistricting process will begin in 2021. We can end partisan gerrymandering by implementing commonsense reforms to the process.

The Legislative and Congressional Redistrict Act (SB1242 in the Senate and HB2638 in the House) would make sure that the redistricting process is transparent, incorporates public engagement, has clear map-drawing criteria, and is responsive to the voters.

PUMP endorses LACRA. We have sent letters in support of LACRA, but we need your help and your voice to make a difference.

SB1242 was passed out of the Senate State Government Committee. The next step is the Senate floor. Contact your Senator through Fair Districts PA to make sure LACRA is passed out of the Senate by October 21st.

On September 22, 2020, SB1242 was passed by the Senate State Government Committee. Its counterpart in the House, HB2638 is still in the House State Government Committee. In order to make sure LACRA becomes law, we need your help:

  1. Tell Senate Majority Leader Corman to call for a full Senate vote on SB1242.
  2. Tell Representative Everett, chair of the House State Government Committee, to schedule a vote on HB2638.
  3. Tell Representative Cutler, the Speaker of the House, to support LACRA and to schedule a vote on HB2638 on the House floor once it is passed by the House State Government Committe.

Learn more from Fair Districts PA.