Tracking Equality in Pittsburgh

Cheryl Stephens Advocacy, Diverse + Connected Region


CUNY’s Institute for State and Local Governance (ISLG) is working with 5 cities, including Pittsburgh, in order to measure inequality among local populations.
The equity indicators tools will measure the progression of equality among diverse populations. The project originally was created with a focus on diverse groups in New York City. The NYC indicator measured six broad variables that encompassed topics of economics, education, health, housing, justice, and service.
Pittsburgh, along with Dallas, Oakland, St. Louis, and Tulsa will work with CUNY’s Institute for State and Local Governance (ISLG) to curate a customized tool focusing on the unique needs of each city. ISLG, city and local governments will come to the table together and highlight their priorities for assessment. The purpose of the tool is to use selected indicators to study the disparities across multiple groups of people. Once the indicators have been determined, over time they will provide ways to track the progress−or lack thereof−which will be utilized in the future policy development.


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