How do you want to impact Pittsburgh?
My career is devoted to opening doors and possibilities — professionally for young adults and kids with cancer, and personally for young adult entrepreneurs — and I’m continually humbled by what a young adult can do when the right door is opened. I’m also determined to help nonprofits incorporate data-based, outcomes-driven strategies to their missions so we can present Pittsburgh’s innovative outcomes on the national stage.

What is your favorite part of Pittsburgh?
What I think is so uniquely great about Pittsburgh is that we’re small enough that our community craves connection and collaboration, and yet we’re large enough that what happens here is noticed across the country. I love how I’m greeted with no fewer than ten smile-hellos on my ten-minute walk to work in East Liberty, and nothing beats reaching the top of Mt. Washington and seeing the entire city in front of you.

Sidney Kushner
PUMP Board Treasurer

Executive Director & Founder
Connecting Champions