Blog Get to know our April PSL Official of the Month

Get to know our April PSL Official of the Month

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Each month we are going to take the time to get to know one of our PSL officials better. This is a great way to know the person who dedicates their free time to umpiring or refereeing your games.

Our April PSL Official of the Month is Dave! Get to know Dave better and be sure to say hi to him at your next PSL game.

How long have you been officiating with the PSL? 2019 will be my third year.

Which sport(s) do you officiate? Softball, volleyball…and “Kickball 4 a Cause.”

What is your favorite PSL officiating memory? I love taking the photos of each season’s champion in both softball and volleyball. (OR, This may seem a bit bizarre: I sub-officiated the semis and final softball games at Mellon Field the night before Thanksgiving — with a light snow falling! Cccold, but fun!)

What is my least favorite PSL officiating memory? Running backwards, full-steam into a corner of a building post while officiating a volleyball match. Fortunately, no fractures, no rotator cuff injury; just lots of PT)

What do you do for a living? Lots of retirement (been so for 7 years)? In 2019, I’ll be umpiring softball at Gardner, Spring Hill and Olympia; as well as officiating volleyball at The Rivers. I also volunteer for the Miracle League of SWPA (in Cranberry). Having been born and bred in NYC, I worked as a copywriter/editor on Madison Ave., in pharmaceutical/medical advertising, and in communications and as a ghost writer for doctors, nurses, etc. Since moving to the ‘Burgh (in ’93), I’ve worked for a US Congressman, PNC Park, and the USPS.

Why did you decide to officiate with the PSL? I was officiating for another organization when I met Ky and learned more about PSL. ‘Twas a match made in “officiating heaven.”

Anything you’d like to share about yourself with the PSL community? I’ve been umpiring softball/baseball for more than 40 years, in addition to playing several sports all across the USA — when I was a bit younger! I’d also like to send out my most sincere “Thank You” to all PSLers — including Ky, James, Jaime, and Greg — who showed tremendous caring and compassion while I battled cancer. To that I say, “I am now Cancer-Free!”

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