Mayor Peduto – "Pittsburgh is a City for All"

Lindsay Cashman Advocacy, Diverse + Connected Region

In the wake of the contentious presidential election, Mayor Peduto released a statement on Tuesday that “Pittsburgh remains a city for all, both welcoming to outsiders and supportive of those here for generations.” With protests and reports of hate crimes increasing across the country, a message of unity from the Mayor of Pittsburgh sets the tone for a future that is potentially less divided on the local level and supports Diversity and Inclusion across all groups and political party affiliations. 


The full body of the statement reads as follows:

PITTSBURGH, PA (November 15, 2016) “Over the past week, I have been repeatedly asked my reactions to the Presidential race and its affect on Pittsburgh. I want to reassure everyone with a stake in our wonderful city that Pittsburgh remains a city for all, both welcoming to outsiders and supportive of those here for generations who built the city we love. 

Pittsburgh is a city built by immigrants and that will not change. All rights of demonstrators – no matter where they stand on the political spectrum – will be protected. Our defense of the rights of ethnic and religious minorities, women, LGBTQ residents and others fearful about the future will not waver. 

Our dedication to being a global center of innovation will not waver either. We will continue our work on 21st Century transportation, infrastructure improvements, advanced manufacturing, sustainable energy production and job creation. We have many partners – from business, foundations, nonprofits and government – already working with us, and we welcome the new Presidential administration to join us in ensuring all workers have a place in the new economy. 

Pittsburgh is a city for all, and I stand ready to prove it.”