Mayor & School Board Declare Pittsburgh is Welcoming

Lindsay Cashman Advocacy, Diverse + Connected Region

After President Trump signed executive orders to begin construction on barriers between the US and Mexico and to strip funds from sanctuary cities that do not see it as their role to turn immigrants over to the federal government, Mayor Peduto and the Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) School Board took actions to ensure immigrants know they are welcome in Pittsburgh. 

Mayor Peduto stated that Pittsburgh was built by immigrants and will continue to be a sanctuary city where immigrants are welcome and safe. KDKA quoted the mayor as stating that Pittsburgh “will resist..any attempt to commandeer our local law enforcement into a national deportation army.” Read the full story here

The PPS School Board unanimously voted to declare schools as “sanctuary campuses,” meaning immigration officers will only be allowed on campus if given permission by the district’s law office and superintendent. Read the full story in the Post-Gazette here