PIT Looking for 'Ambassador’ Linguists

Cheryl Stephens Advocacy, Diverse + Connected Region

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Pittsburgh International Airport is looking for volunteers with multilingual skills to greet international visitors arriving through the airport terminal. These volunteer “ambassadors” will host visitors in the Military Lounge, provide assistance with announcements, and help travelers in the Baggage Claim area. There are currently 75 volunteer ambassadors on board the program. In a press release Allegheny Airport Authority CEO Christina Cassotis said, “We are looking to grow our numbers as we expect to have hundreds of new international passengers coming through the terminal this summer. We want our terminal to reflect the friendliness and hospitality that the Pittsburgh region is known for.”

Volunteers, who must be 18 or older, will undergo a background check to work in the airport. Hours are flexible.

Anyone interested in volunteering should visit www.flypittsburgh.com/ambassadors, or contact Jeff Martinelli.