Pennsylvania General Election Voter Guide – November 5, 2019

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Everything you need to know for Pennsylvania’s General Election on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Election Day is coming up on November 5, 2019. Voting is an important opportunity to advocate for the issues that matter most to you and participate directly in democracy. Voter participation among young people lags behind other generations, but it has surged in recent elections. Let’s keep that momentum going – make your voice and your values heard this Election Day. We’ve compiled important dates, deadlines, candidate information, and more to help you as you get ready to vote.

Voting Basics

Before Election Day:

On Election Day:

  • Polling place information
  • Getting there: B-PEP’s Roll to the Polls program
    • If you or someone you know needs a ride to the polls, contact the CISP Office in your area before Election Day
    • Hill District: 412-281-7430
    • Northside/Manchester: 412-442-5790
    • Homewood/Easthills: 412-793-8091
    • East Liberty/Garfield/Bloomfield: 412-363-1150
    • Wilkinsburg/Braddock: 412-243-7550
    • McKeesport: 412-350-7063
    • To arrange a ride on Election Day: 412-434-0919 or 412-758-2056
  • Know your rights:
Get to know the candidates and the issues:

View a sample ballot via the Allegheny County website or the League of Women Voters to see which candidates will be on your ballot, along with any ballot referendums or questions.

City of Pittsburgh Referendum: Pittsburgh Parks for All

All City of Pittsburgh voters will have the opportunity to vote on a citizen-led ballot referendum to increase funding for Pittsburgh’s parks. If it passes, an additional real estate tax of 0.5 mills ($50 per $100,000 of assessed real estate value) will generate approximately $10 million every year for a dedicated parks trust fund to address the massive backlog in funding for parks maintenance and capital projects.

We encourage all PUMP members, PSL participants, and city voters to go to the polls on November 5th and vote YES on the Pittsburgh Parks for All referendum. Read our full statement here.

The question:

“Shall the Pittsburgh Home Rule Charter be amended to establish a dedicated Parks Trust Fund beginning in 2020 to: improve, maintain, create and operate public parks; improve park safety; equitably fund parks in underserved neighborhoods throughout Pittsburgh; be funded with an additional 0.5 mill levy ($50 on each $100,000 of assessed real estate value); secure matching funds and services from a charitable city parks conservancy; and assure citizen participation and full public disclosure of spending?”

Learn more:

Statewide Referendum: Marsy’s Law

All Pennsylvania voters will see a question on their ballot on Tuesday about Marsy’s Law, a proposed amendment to the state constitution about victims’ rights. In order to qualify for the ballot, Marsy’s Law was passed by the state legislature two sessions in a row. If it passes on Election Day, the constitutional amendment will be ratified.

PUMP encourages all voters to educate themselves given the issue’s overall importance in substance as well as its elevated importance as a proposed amendment to the PA state constitution.  The proposed amendment has also attracted considerable controversy and is the source of a pending lawsuit challenging its constitutionality.

Read our overview of the issue here.

Meet the candidates events and voter guides:

We will be updating this voter guide through the November 5 election as we learn of new resources and opportunities. If you know of something we missed, please reach out to Thank you!