PSL Halloween Costume Contest

Jaime Filipek General, Hometown Hot Spots, PSL, Recreation, Social

Each year the PSL encourages team’s to dress up for Halloween. Not only does it just make things funny – we’re thinking of the awesomeness of the T-Rex costume running bases last year at Cowley field) – but it also is a helpful reminder that the PSL is above all else about sportsmanship, camaraderie and fun.

So grab your teammates and read on so you know how to participate, and maybe even win!

Costume Contest Rules:

  • Have you team dress up in costumes and wear them to your PSL game on Halloween, or within 2 week’s time before or after. That gives everyone a chance to participate in case of rain.
  • Take a picture of your team dressed up and post the picture to Instagram with us tagged. You can tag either @PUMP_PSL or use #pittsburghsportsleague
  • When writing the caption for the picture please include team name, sport, night and location in the description so we know who to give credit to.

The winner(s) will be based upon the amount of fun you look to be having in the picture! Things we are looking for are if you have most or all of your team dressed up. We also love videos and team-themes! Have fun with it!


The wining team will receive a $100 gift certificate to the Hometown Hot Spot of their choice for your team to enjoy. All participants will be included in the Slide-Show at our PSL End of Year Party on November 14th at Dave & Busters. Learn more and register for the party here!