PUMP Joins Driven to Work Coalition to Pass Criminal Justice Reform

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PUMP became part of the Driven to Work Coalition this week, joining 16 other organizations and several Individual Members committed to passing criminal justice reform in Pennsylvania.

Driven to Work partner organizations include the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Amachi Pittsburgh, Women and Girls Foundation, and The Pittsburgh Foundation, among many others. PUMP is proud to be part of Driven to Work. We are committed to ensuring protection and support for formerly incarcerated individuals and ending the injustice within the criminal justice system in PA and the United States, as people of color, primarily African Americans, and low-income people, are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system throughout the country.

Currently, the Driven to Work Coalition is focused on supporting two criminal justice reform bills that have received wide bipartisan support.

In 2017, almost 40,000 Pennsylvanian’s had their driver’s license revoked for minor, non-motor vehicle related crimes. Taking away people’s driver’s licenses makes it more difficult for them to get jobs, support themselves and their families, and be positive members of society.

PA House Bill 163, and the concurrent PA House Resolution 76, would address this practice.

HB 163 would eliminate the requirement to impose a driver’s license suspension or driver’s license ineligibility for convictions related to underage alcohol or tobacco offenses, controlled substance offenses. PA is one of just a few states that still impose the suspension of driver’s licenses for these types of convictions. HB 163 and HR 76 would change this.

Both HB 163 and HR 76 have passed out of the PA House of Representatives and now must pass out of the PA Senate in order to be enacted. The Driven to Work Coalition hopes to see these bills pass out of the Senate by the end of the current legislative session in the next few weeks.

Take Action: Sign the Petition

This goal is just within reach – but we need your support. Encourage your senators to make HB 163 and HR 76 a priority before this legislative session ends. These bills would help thousands of Pennsylvanians improve their lives and reintegrate fully into society. Sign the petition today and share with your friends and family.