Over 20 years of Impact

We have been a part of the lives of young people in Pittsburgh for over 20 years. During that time, we’ve grown and changed a lot. When we began in 1996, we were a grassroots initiative to keep young people in our area. We have grown to become a platform for engagement, advocacy, policy, and education.

We needed a brand that represented us.

We loved our old brand, and it served us well. But we’ll be the first to tell you that it is very 90s. When we decided to focus more strongly on elevating the collective “you” of our region, it seemed like the perfect time to refresh our look and messaging.

A broad range of people to represent and an even broader range of people to reach.

We needed the input of our members and of members of our region. We surveyed hundreds of members, interviewed funders, collaborators and stakeholders, and even participated in an interactive message and branding exercise with our board. We reached the conclusion that our new look and message should represent all of the ways we are involved in our region, with special attention to the advocacy and public policy component of what we do.

What does the new brand mean?

Our new logo says a lot about us.

Giving “U” a Platform

We elevated the “you” both literally and metaphorically, representing
the platform that we aim to provide for members of our community

Friendly, Approachable Type

We chose a friendly, approachable font as a metaphor for our own approachability for everyone in our community

Open Sans Extra Bold
Open Sans Bold
Open Sans Regular

Primary Colors: Navy Blue and Kelly Green

Our primary colors tie our history to our goals. The green is a link to the color of our old logo, and the blue represents stability, strength, integrity, and success.

Color Palette

The use of bright colors stands for energy, vibrancy, growth, and community.

“Get Active. Be Connected. Create Change.”

Our new tagline clearly and plainly explains the three main pillars of PUMP’s programming within the region.

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