PUMP Publishes Advocacy + Public Policy Agenda

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After a broad community-based process over a year and a half, PUMP is proud to share our first ever, comprehensive Advocacy + Public Policy Agenda.  In 2016 PUMP launched a community planning process to identify the core issues young Pittsburghers believe are important to our future and to find out how PUMP constituents want to get involved to create change.

This multi-phase and deliberative process involved key stakeholders to identify and articulate a community-driven advocacy and public policy agenda for the region that was catalyzed by a group of more than 50 diverse young leaders on key issues that aligned with the topics our constituents noted as important to them in a recent survey. Then throughout 2016, hundreds of individuals participated through in-person and online activities responding to detailed questions that helped to refine the specific areas of interest and positions of our constituents. We used multiple types of activities throughout the community and online to ensure that as many viewpoints as possible were heard and represented. We received over 11,000 responses, which we used as the guide to develop our community’s vision for change-  PUMP’s Advocacy + Public Policy Agenda.

Consistent with our vision and core values, the issue of equity is ever present within and across all of the concepts, ideas, and issues included in PUMP’s advocacy and public policy agenda. PUMP defines “equity” as fair access, treatment, and rights under the law and within society as a whole. We are committed to equity for all in everything we do which includes, but is not limited to, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, color, religion, veteran status, physical ability, mental ability, social-economic status, class, criminal record, immigration status, marital status, political affiliation, employment status, housing status, native language, etc.

This 16-point agenda encompasses numerous issues that fall into 4 general categories:

We look forward to taking the strengths of many years of dedication to making Pittsburgh the best place for everyone to live, work, and play and leveraging that energy to engage young people to take actions to collectively improve equity in the Pittsburgh region. PUMP is a connector and a collaborator. If you believe in equity and our vision for the region, please join us by endorsing the PUMP Advocacy + Public Policy Agenda and signing up to receive the monthly Advocacy e-newsletter.