Antwon Rose Jr.

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We share our sincere condolences with the family, friends, and neighbors of Antwon Rose Jr., a 17-year old kid from East Pittsburgh who was shot and killed by a police officer last week. We look forward to a trial that thoroughly investigates this shooting and brings justice. The loss of this young person is a heartbreaking reminder of the relentless nature of tragedy brought on by broken systems (see PUMP’s brief statement).

We all know how important it is to be active and engaged in the issues we care about. We have been inspired by the outpouring of community members to stand up for what they believe in. Change usually happens slowly: one person, one partnership, one protest, one policy at a time. So we must be equally relentless in our advocacy work and continuously demand better from our government, our communities, and ourselves.

This is our region and our world, and it is our responsibility to make it better. We see young people taking ownership and making this region better everyday. It is your dedication that keeps us going. Thank you for leading the change.