Call to Action: Tell House Speaker Rep. Turzai We Want Fair Hearings on Redistricting Reform Bills

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UPDATE 6/15/18: Please see our latest statement on redistricting reform efforts in Pennsylvania for the most recent information and our current position on redistricting legislation.

Together we can work to end gerrymandering in Pennsylvania!

Fair Districts PA and their partner organizations are calling on our constituents to flood House Speaker Rep. Mike Turzai with calls and emails about Rep. Metcalfe’s resistance of redistricting reform.

Rep. Mike Turzai’s contact information

Phone: (412) 369-2230


Here’s a sample script you can use when calling or emailing:

“I’m a Pennsylvania resident and voter. I’m calling to urge Speaker Turzai to show leadership for redistricting reform by NOT referring any redistricting reform bills to the House State Government Committee so long as Rep. Daryl Metcalfe is the chair. Mr. Metcalfe has abused his chairman position by blocking fair hearings for redistricting bills. For example, HB 722 was cosponsored by 110 of his colleagues – more than any other bill in this session – and it had support from over 260 local governments in Pennsylvania. And yet HB 722 did not get a fair hearing in Mr. Metcalfe’s committee. Please either remove Mr. Metcalfe from his position as chair of the State Government Committee OR assign redistricting reform bills to another committee. Thank you.”

Some more background on this issue: