Calls to Action on Redistricting Reform in PA: Senate Wins + New House Opportunities

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UPDATE 6/15/18: Please see our latest statement on redistricting reform efforts in Pennsylvania for the most recent information and our current position on redistricting legislation.

You’ve probably noticed that the coalition-building and actions around redistricting reform in Pennsylvania have been paying off. The grassroots momentum has led to a PA Supreme Court Decision to replace gerrymandered congressional maps, one of the most well-attended rallies in Harrisburg in recent memory, and, as of May 23, 2018, a bipartisan, unanimous vote in favor of Senate Bill 22 in the Senate State Government Committee. In addition, a related bill has been introduced in the House (House Bill 2402). Fair Districts PA put together 3 actions you can take to show your support:

  1. Ask your senators to vote yes on SB 22.
    • Senate Bill 22 will be heading to the floor of the Senate on Monday, June 4. This is our chance to once again rally around this important piece of legislation, which would establish an independent citizens’ redistricting commission – helping to end gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.
    • We’re asking you to once again call your senators and ask them to vote yes on SB 22.
    • Look up your Senators here.
    • Allegheny County Senators:
      • Guy Reschenthaler (R) – 727-787-5839
      • Randy Vulakovich (R) – 717-787-6538
      • Wayne D. Fontana (D) – 717-787-5300
      • James R. Brewster (D) – 717-787-5580
      • Jay Costa (D) – 717-787-7683
  2. Ask your representatives to co-sponsor HB 2402.
    • Supporting SB 22 isn’t all you can do. In order to get redistricting legislation implemented, we need legislation to pass in both the Senate and the House. House Bill 2402 has been introduced to replace House Bill 722, the former redistricting reform legislation that was gutted via amendment by Representative Metcalfe in the House State Government Committee. Representatives Samuelson and Roe are working to get co-sponsors on House Bill 2402.
    • If your representatives were former co-sponsors of HB 722, call them and ask them to co-sponsor HB 2402. You can check the list of former co-sponsors here.
  3. Ask Speaker Turzai to refer SB 22 to the Local Government Committee, NOT the State Government Committee.
    • Once SB 22 passes in the Senate, it will move to the House, where Speaker Mike Turzai will refer it to committee. You can help ensure that SB 22 doesn’t get stuck in the House because of Rep. Metcalfe’s interference like HB 722. Call Representative Turzai and ask him to place SB 22 and any other redistricting reform bills in the Local Government Committee, rather than the State Government Committee. As Fair Districts PA notes, more than 240 municipalities and 18 counties have passed resolutions of support for redistricting reform, demonstrating its extreme importance to local governments across our state.
    • Contact Speaker Turzai at or 717-772-9943
    • Ask your local officials to contact Speaker Turzai directly.

These 3 actions will help end gerrymandering in Pennsylvania. It’s because of all of us stepping up and demanding change that we have gotten us this far. Join us in pushing our legislators to keep moving in the right direction.

Ask your senators to support SB 22, ask your representatives to co-sponsor HB 2402, and ask Rep. Turzai to refer SB 22 to the local government committee.