Kickball for a Cause – Get Your Vote On!

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There are simply so many amazing organizations doing incredible work in Pittsburgh. There are nonprofits who are impacting our communities through work focused on children, adults, equity, culture, literacy, identity, marginalization, arts, animals, health and so much more. Reading through the 39 nominations for Kickball for a Cause, we were repeatedly struck with what an amazing assortment of nonprofits are impacting Pittsburgh in meaningful and encouraging ways. It was even more compelling because the nominations came from you, our PUMP members, PSL participants and our Kickball for a Cause participants. As an organization working to make Pittsburgh better, it was an amazing and enlightening experience to learn more about what else is important to you!

Once we received all of the nominations it was then PUMP board and staff’s responsibility to narrow down the Cause options for the voting process. It was no small feat to narrow down the list of 39 nominations to less than ten. We relied on the following criteria when deciding who would be selected for the voting process.

  1. The organization’s mission and programming align with PUMP’s Advocacy + Public Policy Agenda.
  2. The organization must be a 501(c)3 with a focus on the Greater Pittsburgh Region.
  3. The organization must have demonstrated programming that impacts the lives of the people of the Greater Pittsburgh Region.
  4. Organizational capacity to demonstrate impact
  5. Organizational capacity to be involved and engaging at the event
  6. Good communication with PUMP
  7. Financial need
  8. Having not been a Cause in the prior two years.

After narrowing down the list, we were forced to eliminate a few other options because of conflicting schedules.  That left us with 8 organizations who are making Pittsburgh a better place to live, work and play. Those organizations are as follows:

We at PUMP are so glad that we are not charged with selecting the finalist or finalists because each of these organizations is incredible in its own right and doing amazing work! It’s now up to you! Please take a moment and learn more about each of these organizations and vote on who you would like to see present at our 17th Annual Kickball for a Cause tournament. It’s in your hands now – who should be the beneficiary(s) for Kickball for a Cause?!