Contact Your Legislators: Hearing on Senate Bill 22 (Anti-Gerrymandering Legislation) on April 24

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UPDATE 6/15/18: Please see our latest statement on redistricting reform efforts in Pennsylvania for the most recent information and our current position.

On Tuesday, April 24, 2018 there will be a second Senate State Government Committee Hearing on Senate Bill 22, the PUMP-endorsed legislation that would establish an independent citizens’ commission to draw legislative and congressional district lines in Pennsylvania. Full hearing details here.

We’re asking you to call the senators in the State Government Committee to share your support for PA Senate Bill 22 and an independent citizens’ commission.
The senators who are in the committee and their contact information are listed below:
Majority (Republican)
  • Sen. Mike Folmer, Chair: (717) 787-5708
  • Sen. Thomas H. Killion, Vice Chair: (717) 787-4712
  • Sen. Joseph B. Scarnati III, Ex-Officio: (717) 787-7084
  • Sen. Richard L. Alloway II: (717) 787-4651
  • Sen. Charles T. McIlhinney Jr.: (717) 787-7305
  • Sen. Mike Regan: (717) 787-8524
  • Sen. Patrick J. Stefano*: (717) 787-7175, (724) 626-1611
  • Sen. Donald C. White*: (717) 787-8724, (724) 327-2422
Minority (Democrat)
  • Sen. Anthony H. Williams, Minority Chair: (717) 787-5970
  • Sen. Andrew E. Dinniman: (717) 787-5709
  • Sen. Daylin Leach: (717) 787-5544
  • Sen. Judith L. Schwank: (717) 787-8925

*In 10-County Region Around Allegheny County (Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Armstrong, Indiana, Westmoreland, Fayette, Green, Washington)

Plus, take a minute to call and thank the senators who represent parts of Allegheny County who have already signed on to support Senate Bill 22. Encourage them to talk to their colleagues in the State Government Committee about why they should vote yes on Senate Bill 22.
Allegheny County Co-Sponsors of Senate Bill 22:
  • Jay Costa (D) – Minority Floor Leader
    • District Phone: 412-241-6690
    • Capitol Phone: 717-787-7683
  • Wayne D. Fontana (D) – Minority Caucus Chair
    • District Phone: 412-344-2551
    • Capitol Phone: 717-787-5300

Unsure about what to say when you contact your legislators? Check out Fair Districts PA’s resource. Remember: our legislators are supposed to represent us – they want and need to hear from you!

Senate Bill 22 is an important piece of legislation that would ensure that our elections are fair and competitive and lead to a state legislature that truly represents the people of Pennsylvania. Look up your senators – if they’re not in the committee, and encourage them to support Senate Bill 22 when it gets to the floor of the senate for a vote.

Last week, House Bill 722, which was introduced initially as a counterpart to Senate Bill 22, was amended by Representative Metcalfe in the House Government Committee. The original bill, like Senate Bill 22, would have created an independent citizens’ redistricting commission. However, the amendment undermined the spirit of the bill. House Bill 722, in its current form, would not reform the redistricting process – it would maintain the broken redistricting system that we currently have.

But despite what has been done to House Bill 722, we can still create the change we need through Senate Bill 22.

Fair, equitable legislative districts are essential to creating the long term change we want to see in Pennsylvania. Without fair districts, we won’t have fair elections. Without fair elections, our representatives won’t really represent us. And if our representatives don’t represent us, then our voices will continue to be silenced.

Don’t let your voice be silenced. Call your Senator and ask them to support  PA Senate Bill 22.