Our kids. Our commitment. – Thank you, Allegheny County

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Thank you.

Although the Allegheny County Children’s Fund will not be enacted after falling short of receiving the majority of votes during the Nov. 6, 2018 election, we do not feel defeated – we feel thankful. We are so incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to meet with thousands of community members, have conversations about proven programs for kids, and raise awareness about some of the challenges our communities are facing. Over a half million people in this county were thinking about our kids as they voted. That is something for all of us here in Allegheny County to be proud of and to celebrate!

We are so incredibly thankful for your support as you volunteered with us, had conversations with us, displayed a yard sign, engaged with us on social media, shared our information, voted yes, and more throughout this campaign.

Over the past six months, with help from thousands of volunteers and supporters, we knocked on more than 13,000 doors, called nearly 65,000 voters, hosted and attended more than 100 community events, and reached nearly 900,000 people on social media in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of early learning opportunities, after school programs, and nutritious meals. In our eyes, because of all of this, our campaign was a tremendous success for our kids.

We are appreciative for all the good that has been done. Our work will not stop here. We know these services are needed for our kids, and we’ll continue working together and with our community to find a reliable, sustainable solution for funding the programs that are proven to work for our kids in Allegheny County.

We hope you’ll join us in continuing this and other important discussions to ensure a more equitable region for all to live, work, and play!

Thank you, again! Your voice made a difference for our kids.