PUMP and the PSL are committed to being as Green as possible while also rewarding teams who want to play in the neighborhood in which they live or work. This environmental-conscious initiative aims to encourage teams, who are able to, to walk and bike to their PSL softball or kickball games.

In order to qualify a team captain can put in a field preference form if two-thirds of their team lives or works within the following from the field:
  • Walking: Within 1 mile of the field
  • Biking: Within 2 miles of the field

This preference form does NOT guarantee your registration. This form will help increase the chance of getting your first choice field only if you register successfully for the league during registration. Note: All applications must be received prior to registration opening to be accepted for review. After registration, and once leagues are divided into fields, we are no longer able to grant field preference.

  • Provide Captain’s name and contact information.
  • Provide the sport and night(s) you will be registering for.
  • Provide the approximate roster size (minimum 10/ maximum 18)
  • Provide the name and work/home addresses for all members of your team who qualify (must be within the mileage listed above).

We ask that if you fill this out that you and your team do walk and bike to your game and not drive. Teams will be given preference for their field if they successfully register for the league and meet all of the requirements as outlined. The PSL will confirm addresses and roster sizes. Lying to receive field preference will result in disciplinary measures, including suspension, as outlined in our PSL sportsmanship policy.


Please note that we are willing to work with teams if you have questions, concerns, or need to round out your numbers. We want this program to work for both of us so the better you communicate the better we can serve this initiative! Please contact for clarification, with feedback, or with questions.

Share your team’s story with us on social media! #PSLGreenTeam