Provide Feedback on Draft Congressional and Legislative Maps

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Pennsylvania lawmakers have begun releasing draft maps for the 2021-22 redistricting cycle.

As the two processes for creating legislative districts and congressional districts continue, read on for more about recent updates and how to provide input on draft maps.

Congressional Redistricting

The House State Government Committee passed House Bill 2146, containing an amended version of a map originally created by Amada Holt, a citizen mapper who was instrumental in the legal challenge to the maps in the 2011-12 redistricting cycle.

The Senate State Government Committee is also working on a proposed congressional map. Ultimately, both the House and Senate must pass legislation containing a single congressional map that must be signed by the Governor.

  • View and comment on the House State Government Committee map here.
  • To better understand the differences between proposed congressional maps, check out the comparison spreadsheet created by Fair Districts PA.

Legislative Redistricting

The Legislative Reapportionment Commission (LRC) has also released draft maps PA House and PA Senate districts. Now that the maps have been released, the public has 30 days – until mid-January – to provide comment on the maps.

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