PUMP Signs Letter Urging White House to Support Paid Leave

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As negotiations surrounding the Build Back Better legislation continue, PUMP joined dozens of organizations in signing onto a letter urging the White House to prioritize paid leave in Build Back Better.

The letter, organized by the Family Values at Work network, asked the White House for a meeting on the importance of prioritizing paid leave in the reconciliation package. It asked that a paid leave program include key provisions, such as covering all workers, having an inclusive definition of family, providing progressive wage replacement, and more.

A national paid leave program would benefit millions of U.S. workers and families who do not have access to paid family and medical leave. Families lose over $22 biollion in income annually without paid leave. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the need for paid leave even more evident, as employees and employers have dealt with the health and economic consequences of a public health crisis. Paid leave is an essential care policy that allows people to care for themselves or a loved one in times of need – whether that is the birth of a child or an illness or injury.

Learn more about how you can advocate for paid leave in Build Back Better via Family Values at Work.