Share Your Health Story

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Public Source wants to hear your stories, ideas, and questions about our health care system. Have you or your loved ones faced huge bills, unnecessary procedures, long wait times, or other challenges while navigating the health care system? What’s going wrong inside the health care system, and how can we fix it?

PublicSource is collecting this information as part of a project to tell health stories from the Pittsburgh region and help improve health care for all. The voices and experiences of our community are essential to truly understanding the human cost of our health care system. Share your experience today.

PUMP supports equitable access to health and wellness for everyone. That cannot happen without affordable, high quality, comprehensive healthcare options for all. Help us achieve this by contributing your experience to PublicSource’s project.

“We know that for some of you sharing your story may difficult,” PublicSource acknowledges. “Thank you for coming forward and telling us what happened.”