Ten Ways to Fight Hate

Lindsay Cashman Advocacy, Diverse + Connected Region

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently released a guide on how to counteract hate as it is surging in sub-groups throughout the United States. Ten Ways to Fight Hate empowers us to stand up to acts of discrimination and recognize our own bias in thoughtful ways. It outlines specific ways we can do the following to make a difference and seek unity, not division:

1) Act

2) Join Forces

3) Support the Victims

4) Speak Up

5) Educate Yourself

6) Create an Alternative

7) Pressure Leaders

8) Stay Engaged

9) Teach Acceptance

10) Dig Deeper


PUMP advocates for a Diverse + Connected Region. The tactics listed above will help to support the following components of PUMP’s Advocacy + Public Policy Agenda:

  • Visibility, recognition, and representation of positive diverse individuals, cultures, and values in leadership and positions of power
  • Diverse, inclusive, affordable neighborhoods and communities
  • Spaces and opportunities to address diversity, inclusion, social justice, and racism
  • Protection and support for immigrants, refugees, formerly incarcerated people, and other vulnerable populations