Blog Updating Your PSL Account

Updating Your PSL Account

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PSL Has a New Platform!

We are excited to announce that PSL is moving to a new platform to manage all of our leagues, tournaments, and events!

In order for this to work for you, we need you to follow these 5 steps… (for larger pictures, check out the email that we sent)


Click THIS LINK and go to the PUMP website.

USERNAME: Enter the email address that you used for your LeagueApps account. (this is the email address you get payment and game reminders sent to)

Click “Get New Password” button to have a new password sent to your email



Click the link sent to your email address and that will take you to the Reset Password page.

Please enter a password that meets the criteria listed on the page.



Once you have successfully updated your password, you will be prompted to login. Please use the email address and password you have just created.



Once you successfully log in, note your membership status at the top of the screen (highlighted in the photos above).

If your membership is current, move on to Step 5.

If your membership is expired you will need to renew it before you can access the new PSL platform. You can click the link at the top of the screen to renew.



Go to THIS LINK to login to the new PSL Player Portal. Using the same credentials that you just created, you can now log in and see your dashboard.

Please note you will need to be logged in before you can register for any PSL leagues or join any PSL teams.



**In order to have a seamless registration, it is very important that you follow the 5 steps above. If you still have questions, please contact us.

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