Let’s revolutionize our kids’ futures together!

In 2018, PUMP became one of ten nonprofit organizations on  the steering committee of Our kids. Our commitment. This coalition came together with the goal of improving the well-being of kids in Allegheny County. We are working together with dozens of community partners and neighbors to revolutionize the way we support our kids’ futures to ensure the health and well-being of children across the county.

As part of PUMP’s Advocacy + Public Policy Agenda, which outlines our vision for a more equitable region, we support:

  • Equitable opportunities for success for all, including access to affordable, high quality educational opportunities
  • Access to affordable, healthy food in every neighborhood
  • Opportunities for residents to be active and engaged in public policy

All kids deserve opportunities for success and to be safe and healthy. Plus, investing in our kids is essential to creating the region we envision. We believe in what’s proven to work for our kids and our communities: early learning, after school programs and good nutrition.

The first effort of the Our kids. Our commitment. steering committee was the Allegheny County Children’s Fund ballot initiative. We developed a proposed amendment to the Allegheny County Home Rule Charter that would establish the Office of the Allegheny County Children’s Fund to support early learning, after school programs, and nutritious meals through a 0.25 mils increase in real estate tax. During the 2018 election cycle, we brought this proposal to the voters through the ballot referendum process. While the ballot ultimately did not succeed on Election Day (Nov. 6, 2019), we are proud that the initiative resulted in thousands of conversations about how all of us in Allegheny County can invest in our children and our region’s future.

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Our kids. Our commtiment. Timeline:

May 2018 – Public Launch of Ballot Initiative

June 18th-August 7th – Petition Circulation Period

August 8th-Nov. 6th – Spread the word and encourage everyone to vote yes!

  • GOAL: Raise awareness of the Allegheny County Children’s Fund ballot question and receive a majority YES vote on Election Day
  • OUTCOME: We knocked on 13,000 doors, called 65,000 people, had hundreds of conversations at community events throughout the county, had 18 million online impressions, and activated 200 volunteers; we received 247,000+ votes on Election Day, falling just short of a big win for our kids
Next Steps – Keep advocating for our kids in Allegheny County

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Our 16-point advocacy and public policy agenda includes 4 key themes:

Diverse + Connected Region

PUMP supports a vibrant, diverse, and connected region through:
  1. Visibility, recognition, and representation of positive diverse individuals, cultures, and values in leadership and positions of power.
  2. Diverse, inclusive, affordable neighborhoods and communities.
  3. World-class, multi-modal transportation infrastructure that supports and fosters community and regional connectivity.
  4. Spaces and opportunities for all residents to engage in dialogue and action to address diversity, inclusion, social justice and racism.
  5. Protection and support for immigrants, refugees, formerly incarcerated individuals, and other vulnerable populations.
  6. Affordable accessible high-speed internet and leading-edge technology for all.

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Equitable Opportunities for Success

PUMP supports equitable opportunities for success through:
  1. Access to affordable, high-quality education and workforce development opportunities for all children and adults.
  2. Equitable access to individual, community, and financial support for education, employment, and entrepreneurship.
  3. A competitive business environment that fosters job creation and innovation by employers that support equitable opportunities and good paying jobs.

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Active + Engaged Residents

PUMP supports active, engaged residents through:
  1. Policies, programs, and initiatives that help voters become more engaged and knowledgeable.
  2. Opportunities to engage with elected officials and influence public policy.
  3. Equitable legislative districts that fairly represent all voting populations.

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Equitable Access to Health + Wellness

PUMP supports equitable access to health and wellness through:
  1. Affordable, high quality, comprehensive healthcare options for all.
  2. Accessible, safe recreational spaces and activities in every neighborhood.
  3. Access to affordable, healthy food in every neighborhood.
  4. Clean air and water for all including green infrastructure and sustainable practices.

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At its heart, the agenda is about equity. PUMP defines “equity” as fair access, treatment and rights under the law and within society as a whole. Consistent with our vision and core values, the issue of equity is ever present within and across all the issues, concepts, and ideas included in PUMP’s advocacy and public policy agenda. We are committed to equity for all in everything we do.

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